Floating over the water, the smell of seawater, the sound of the waves, and the open horizon with a beautiful rising sun and moon have made me fall in love with sailing on the open water.

In 2015 I sailed my sailboat, a Bavaria 36 ft named pure 2, from the Netherlands to Bonaire. I sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to enjoy the constant wind and beautiful temperatures in the Caribbean Sea! Check out Bonairechallenge 2015.

I love to share with you my sailing experience and the adventures I had along the way. It is my pleasure to let you experience and enjoy that powerful feeling of freedom and fun!


Pure 2: Bavaria 36ft

Pure 1: Beneteau 44ft

In the year 2022 I have acquired a beautiful Beneteau 44 ft Sailing Yacht which I call the Pure 1. This Beneteau sailing yacht is specially designed for the Caribbean Sea. With even more luxury, lots of space, and comforting shade, a relaxing sailing trip is guaranteed!